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Roussillon, one of the ‘Most beautiful villages of France’, stands in harmony with the ochre cliffs it overlooked.

Its facades, roofs and alleys are the delight of worldwide photographers. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited village of our destination.

In the heart of the village, don’t miss the Ochre Trail where the visitors will enjoy some dazzling natural colours and breathtaking sceneries.

Caumont 2023

Hôtel de Caumont – Max Ernst – From 4 May to 8 October 2023

This year, the Hôtel de Caumont-Centre d’Art devotes its summer exhibition to the genius of Max Ernst (1891–1976). A learned and prodigious experimental artist, Max Ernst lived through the century of avant-garde movements with an insatiable thirst for creation and left behind a complex and highly personal oeuvre. An artist associated with the Dada group and surrealism, he followed a personal path by distancing himself from the group’s style and produced visionary works imbued with lucidity. The exhibition presents 120 works that retrace the career of this ingenious artist—who was a free and unique personality—and highlight, in particular, his close links with nature, games, magic, and freedom.


Cosquer : the Prehistoric Cave Under the Sea

The replica of the Cosquer Cave T reveals its secrets, hidden for 30,000 years at a depth of 37 metres beneath the sea. The story of the Cosquer Cave and its discovery is told on three floors with an ‘underwater’ replica of the prehistoric cave, which can be explored on board exploratory vehicles.

Guided tours – Aix en Provence

What better than a guided walk to find out about a city? Aix-en-Provence will reveal its elegant mansion houses, beautiful architecture and monuments, all reminders of its prestigious past.